October 6, 2003

When Bush JR. was elected president I started to get a little worried for our country. If this is the best man we can summon forth to head the leading superpower in the world, exactly what is going to happen to us?

At least now it’s coming to an end, and maybe somebody else will have a chance to clean up the mess. It’s like Dubya crashed our big house party, breaking furniture and snorting massive amounts of cocaine with his regime tearing shit up and doing beer bongs on top of tables. They staggered out intoxicated and now we are left to clean up after their little session. What we need now is a Latina Maid, and I think Wes Clark is just that person. Kinda.

Interview with Wesley Clark from the latest Rolling Stone

I think this is the only presidential candidate I have ever actually respected. Which is saying a lot, because it seems just about everybody running for president is a shady bastard. Clark just doesn’t come off quite as fake as all of the others, and he doesn’t appear to have some whacky agenda.

He thinks Bush is a jackass, Rumsfeld is being way too secretive, thinks our rights are being taken away from us, is actually a little worried about the environment… and doesn’t believe in war if it’s not necessary. And he was a general in the army. Can’t beat that shit! But I’m in Florida, and from what I can tell, democratic votes don’t count here. Shucks.

Well, good luck to him if he should win – he has the hefty job of getting all other countries in the world to stop screaming for American blood.

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