There might be a god

September 29, 2003

And he’s probably Russian. This thing is all over the news and I thought it was kinda neat.

RU-21 is a pill that was created by the Russians in the Cold War era, meant to stop KGB spies from getting drunk… in uh..spy-like situations. I guess part of obtaining information is betting someone you can drink more than them and getting them entirely shitfaced in the process. Had I known the CIA and KGB hired people to hang around bars and drink a lot I would have done some things in my life a little differently.

Anyway, the pill didn’t work, but it did ease hangovers and eliminated some silly toxin that does damage to your organs. Such as the liver. But who gives a shit about that?! The important part is it stops hangovers – which is good for people like you and me who want to drink until we wet ourselves and wake up without all the “physical complications”… things like “help, the bed is spinning” and “I just pissed out of my ass!” Now to make a pill that will restore my dignity. It could happen, damn it.

Aside from that, I think the whole thing is kinda funny. KGB agents trying to preserve communism stumble across a pill that earns profit for us capitlist pigs. Nazdarovya!

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